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The beauty of a simple love story

There are couples who are proficient in expressing the bond shared with partners; and there are the ones who leave it to others to contemplate. The story of Divya Chandra and Selva Kumar befits the latter. As I talk to them about their journey to a happy marriage, one outdoes the other in their simple takes on life. The mundane is equally beautiful “It was all arranged by our parents,” says Divya from Chennai. As I push her for more thoughts on this alliance, she in an understated tone says,“It was family, that fixed all up”. Composed as ever, she recalls how she was the first one to gift her fiancee, post engagement. Ask Selva what he loved in the early days of their relationship, he says, “I loved my time with her in the restaurant. That was the time I could speak my heart out to her, and this simple meeting holds a special spot in my life”. Unaffected by the hustle-bustle of the world around; I also infer that both Divya Chandra and Selva Kumar are epitomes of Indian traditionalism who fondly remember their engagement day. “I welcomed my husband on our engagement day with a rose. That was my surprise to him”. Selva intervenes, “The food, though, was delectable on my wedding day”. Both burst out laughing. And the time they treasure together... Divya says she is romantic like all women; but long drives?, “I don't anticipate them too much, they are OK-ok”, is her quick response to my question on how they unwind together! Selva Kumar has a different take to this; “I am into Human Resources department at work, and the need is to travel across; and the dearth of time is a hindrance to our catching up together. But we love dining out”. Divya retrospects, “Ah! now I will tell you, since he travels a lot and misses catching up often; he is taking an off for me on my birthday, and taking me out to a restaurant and a movie, was a blessing in disguise. Super surprise”. Do small gestures like these make up for everything magnanimous? “Oh yes, absolutely! it is never about flamboyancy and pomp with me, these so-called small things make my heart skip a beat”. “I long to eat her veg pulao, she is in her training period in cooking. Just barely months after marriage, I am sure she will get there.” He says with a twinkle in his eyes! “We are simple people who believe in living the moment, and resting all things in God”, says a smiling Divya Chandra. If only people around us would learn to stop and smell the roses in the garden, like this couple believes in. May their bonds continue to grow, forever!