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I Found A Person With Common Interests On Wedding Tripura

I was in a beautiful conversation with Prasshad and Madhavi, who share a lot of beautiful happenings from their life, making me want a life like theirs. “From being a young girl to transitioning into a woman, to finally becoming a mother, is such a beautiful feeling,” says Madhavi. I started the conversation by asking Madhavi, how is your life after marriage? She says, “Life after marriage has been great. I always wanted a joint family and I am grateful to God for blessing me with an amazing family.” Who is that one person with whom you connect the most in your in-laws house? She excitedly says, “Everyone plays a different role but I am very close to my mother-in-law. She is the sweetest of all. She is an amazing chef. As I am pregnant, she cooks whatever I feel like eating. We spend a lot of time together, from watching movies to shopping. We are quite similar that way.” Aww! That’s so cute. I then turn to Prasshad to know how he felt when he got to know that he is going to become a dad soon? He says, “That feeling was out of the world. So it was Sunday morning when I got to know, and no one was at home. When she told me, I had tears in my eyes. I was so happy, and didn’t have any words to express. I quickly hugged her and thanked her for giving me such a beautiful feeling.” After talking to them I was excited to know how they met, to which Madhavi responds, “I was going through requests on my Wedding Tripura profile and that is when Prasshad’s profile caught my attention. His bio seemed to be quite interesting and he also looks handsome so I thought I could probably give it a shot. I also found a lot of commonalities between us. Without waiting any further delay, we got to talking. We really enjoyed speaking to each other on our first call itself. Soon, we took it to our parents, and once they were fine with it, within a week we met.” Oh! That sounds good. I then ask Prasshad, what made you think she is the one? He says, “The moment I saw her profile, I fell in love. She looked so beautiful and our expectations seemed to match. We met at a cafe along with our families, and our families bonded really well too, which was a huge plus. We spoke a lot in the initial meet itself and that’s how we fell in love.”